The Wulin OL 5 years anniversary celebration & Players Return Banquet

In November 2010, PearlinPalm is celebrating 5 years anniversary of Wulin OL at Buffalo club in Houhai Beijing. The celebration is also a return banquet for those players who give support and encouragement to Wulin OL during these five years.

PearlinPalm CEO Kejia Gao attends and makes a speech at the meeting. During the meeting, eighty players perform their prepared shows. Players and game developers have chatters and talk about this beloved game.

Five years ago, Kejia Gao wrote a post at the Wulin OL forum, promising there will be a 5 years anniversary celebration of Wulin. Now he keeps his word. He says that “It’s the commitment and responsibility that drive us to produce the better game for players. 5 years mean a lot, the support and encouragement will be our motivation to keep moving forward. PearlinPalm aims to be the pearl in every game player’s palm, and produces the best mobile game ever since!”

November 2010
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