Major Awards
  • 2013.03 Pearl in Palm CEO Charles WU, Outstanding Entrepreneur
  • 2013.03 Shashen, Mobile Games “Golden Finger” award
  • 2012.12 Pearl Xuanyuan, Best Mobile Game, China Joy 2012
  • 2012.04 Pearl in Palm, Ranked 2nd in Top50 China Mobile Game Enterprise
  • 2011.12 Pearl in Palm, named Best Mobile Game Developer, 2011
  • 2011.03 CEO Kejia Gao nominated one of Top 100 Most Influential People in China Mobile Phone Industry
  • 2011.01 PearlinPalm nominated one of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce’s Top 5 Most Potential Value-added Service Providers
  • 2011.01 Pearl Journey to the West nominated China Mobile Phone Game Summit Forum’s “The most anticipated mobile phone game”
  • 2010.11 Pearl Heroes nominated China Games Developers Award’s “Most Creative Mobile Game”
  • 2010.10 Pearl Heroes nominated 2010 ChinaJoy’s “Best Mobile Online Game”
  • 2010.10 Pearl Heroes (Web Version) nominated one of 2010 ChinaJoy’s “Top 10 Most Popular Web Game”
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